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Peach boy, the three little pigs and a surprise in a gumtree

 Since we hadn't been to Carrick Hill for a long time it was decreed that today was the day.Carrick Hill is an old period home built by Edward Hayward and his wife Ursual Barr Smith after their marriage in 1935. It is very much inspired by 16th, 17th and 18th century fixtures they had bought on their travels and which they commissioned their architect to incorporate into the building. It was a little piece of high living in the suburb of Springfield, Adelaide It is filled with antiques and has a huge William Morriscollection. It is just the place to go to have time out from the suburbs but still remain in Adelaide.

 This time although the scaffolding was up  the gardens were still lovely.

Mr McGregor still did not want bunnies in his garden,

and the scarecrow was still scarey!

Momotaro, (Peach Boy) was still there with his dog and his monkey.

The fairies still watch over the garden

The dirt was so dried up it was no wonder the wolf from The Three Little Pigs was howling!
*Note to self ask Santa for one of these houses for a studio for Christmas*

But the piece de resistance was not this,

or this....although it was amazing!

But this...............

can you see it yet? 

Yep, it was Blinky Bill!

A good day!

If you want to know more about Carrick Hill click here

Thanks to Holly Clarke for the koala pics.

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