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Butterfly Journal, and why there are no vampires at my house!

Hello again,
It is now late autumn early winter here in Adelaide and I am enjoying the cool weather and the differences that brings. I have been gardening and have a mini garlic farm growing in my garden; no vampires here! I come from a long line of excellent gardeners, however I missed out on that gene! I am better in my studio creating images and fiddling around with paint and paper.

Recently I have been creating digitally printed images incorporating my original work and combining it with ephemera. I am an absolute magpie when it comes to old paper and books and  definitely inherited the hoarding gene! (You may have realised by now that I don't know much about genes!) My latest creation is a butterfly themed journal which I really enjoyed making. Here it is. There are about a million images but I needed to be able to show you what is it like and how it works.
The cover incorporates some die cut butterflies and flower which I made.
 Also some vintage paper. 

Inside cover has a printed image and a little torn piece of music paper.
The right hand side has a tuck spot for a hangtag.

This spread was created by digitally combining a gel print I created
 with some vintage butterflies. It is laser printed.
I made a little book which clips onto the age and a bookmark.   

3 pages made from digital collages and a hang tag,
 and on the right some space for you to write on and a piece of old music paper and a digital print of a butterfly.

Laser printed spread made from a gel print I created combined with vintage butterfly. Hang tag and some tiny printed vintage paper pages. 

Little book on the left made from vintage paper, 4 brown pages inside.
On right frame and butterflies are stuck down to create a collage.  

Laser print made from gel print and vintage butterfly and 2 collaged little birds.
Printed hang tag. 

Collaged elements on page  with journal card tucked into pocket.
3 pages on right.

Laser printed collage with die cut images added. Tiny book made with vintage paper,
8 pages with music, 8 blank. See next photo.

Blank page, tiny book in vintage paper pocket. 8 lined vintage pages. Bookmark.

Laser printed digital collage. Piece of vintage paper under die cut butterfly. 

Laser printed digital collage. Envelope in side pocket with 3 journalling cards.
See next photo. 

Digital collage, right side tuck spot with 2 cards and bookmark.
See next photo.

Card in pocket, tiny pocket on right with vintage paper inside.
Collage on right page. 

Envelope on left in tuck, (see next photo). Die cut butterflies stuck on laser printed page.
Tiny pages stuck to page.

Music paper on left, die cut butterfly, vintage ticket in tuck spot. Envelope on right with tiny vintage pages, 3 cards in pocket. See next photo. 

Back cover, paper print. Based on vintage book cover.

Hope you have enjoyed having a peep.
The book is listed in my Etsy shop which you can see in the link on the right. 

And..... number 4 Journal The Song

Just finished listing my fourth journal in my mini series of tiny books. I love making these, from making the pages to stitching each little page into place!
It is autumn now, the leaves are turning and I found some which had blown around my garden yesterday. I love the colour of the yellow leaves and the dusty pink of the gum leaves.

This is my favourite time of year, the time when it is getting darker and hygge beckons. Is it cultural appropriation for a woman from Northern Ireland living in Australia to adopt hygge?

Anyway, here is a look at The Song. It has been listed on my Etsy shop here.

library card on the left, and vintage ephemera on the right,which has been
embellished with drawing.

Ephemera, stain and stamping.

Ephemera, and drawing.

Gel print and drawing.

Digital image of tree which I made by cutting a mask.
Right page, gel print with digital image. 

Gel prints, tiny envelope cut open with tiny paper pages inside.

Gel print on envelope with vinyl lace.

Gel print with ephemera.

Gel print, lace and ephemera.

Gel print and ephemera.

Watercolour, gel print and a tag designed by me.

Gel print, stencilling and ephemera. 

Gel print and ephemera.

Acrylic paint and drawing on left, and negative image painted on right.

Gel print, negative painting of heart and stencilling. Tiny ephemera. 

Gel print on painted background, torn tag (my design)and ephemera on painted background on the right. Digital tag designed by me.

Gel print with tag attached, (my design).

Gel print background with ephemera, card with handwriting.
Gel print which has been drawn on. 

Card with hand writing, gel print with drawing and ephemera. 

Gel print with drawing. 

Gel print, ephemera, and drawing. Library card on right. 

Back cover, gel print and ephemera. 

Thanks for visiting!

"The Incomparable Book" Third in a series of 4 Hand Made Journals.

This is the third little journal I have listed in a series of four. It is the same size as the journals ""Understanding and "A Way of Seeing. " Have a look! You can see it described more fully on my Etsy shop. There is a link on the right of this post.

Cover, gelprint, torn digital tag (designed by me) and ephemera. 

Library card on left and paint and ink on right with drawing. 

Intuitive painting, gel print  and ephemera. 

Gel print on left and painting on right. 

Gel print with embellishment, intuitive drawing and painting on the gelprint 

Gel print and ephemera on left, gel print and torn image on right. 

Gel print and ephemera on left, ephemera on right. 

Found paper and ephemera on left, gel print and torn digital tag on right. 

Stencilled gel print on left, distressed paper on right. 

Ephemera and digital print on left, gel print and stencil on right.

Painted paper with torn digital tag and digital tag attached. (Tags designed by me)

Gel print and ephemera with stamped image. 

Gel print with stencilled butterfly, drawing and ephemera. 

Painted page with tissue and painted page with digital tag (designed by me)

Gel print and drawing with ephemera. 

Cut envelope with gel print and ephemera. Torn tag. 

Torn digital tag and ephemera on gel print. 

Gel print and ephemera on left with torn digital tag (designed by me) and intuitive painting on right. 

Collaged image with my digital image and ephemera. 

Intuitive image and ephemera and library card on right.