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"Chere Amie", little hand made, original accordion book.

Still enjoying the creation of my hand made books ! This little one is similar to the one I posted previously but has a couple more pages. It is collaged, drawn on, painted on and has lots of snippets of paper and ephemera glued on.

Front cover.
I created the butterfly image by using an old image from an out of copyright book and then digitally colouring it. The title page has some French text saying "Chere Amie" which I found in an old book in my possession. It means dear Friend (feminine) The spine has some really raggedy cloth  stuck on it. 

The image of the girl on the left is a copy of an image I created and have altered here. I have glued some tiny pieces of text onto the page. There is drawing on the page. On the right is a digital image of a bird which I made from another old book. Then it has been drawn on. 

Another copy of an image I previously painted which has had some collage added and it has been drawn on. The butterfly is another copy of a digital image and then added more collage and drawing.   

The little copy of a house has been stuck on the page and then the image has been drawn on. The bird is an image from a larger painting which has been drawn on and around. 

The abstract flowers are collaged and then drawn on as have the houses on the right. I stuck a piece of paper on the page which relates to snow.  

The back cover  has a page from an old hand written school book
which has a butterfly collaged on. and I have signed the back.  

Old distressed and aged paper you can write on.