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Dragonfly Journal, Mixed media Journal

This latest mixed media journal has been made by using paint, collage, stamping, screenprinting, mark making and probably a few more techniques as well! It has a loose theme of dragonflies. All of the images are original.

It measures approx 13.5 by 18.5 cm. It has been stitched in signatures into a coptic stitch book. It has 62 pages altogether plus covers. It can be found at my Etsy shop at
Front cover, original collage stuck onto bookbinding board. 

Next pages are also collaged including tickets, found paper, copies of my paintings and then the image has been drawn on. The old paper used as a substrate was from an old notebook. 

Blank pages for writing or drawing on. The left one is an old notebook page which has gesso on it to block out some of the writing. Old paper stuck on edges of pages. The lined paper is from an old journal. There are 8  pages, 16 sides similar to the lined one, some pages unfold. 

Screen print on tea bag paper. 

Original painting. 6 pages, or 12 sides of mixed media paper. 

Collage including gel print, found paper, vintage number card and drawing. 

14 more blank pages. Various sizes, some lined, some squared but all vintage. 

You can write over the gessoed page if you like.  

Collage including a bird and  6 more mixed media pages.

Collage including gel prints, scrap of fabric, tiny duck stamp from an old book which was beyond help!

Tea bag paper with ghost writing on it and brown scrap book page followed by 15 more pages of various lined and squared types as before.

Tea bag paper with screen print and torn hang tag with stamped dragon fly. 

Paint and collage with vintage paper scraps and hand carved stamp of primitive trees. 

6 more mixed media pages and the inside cover with vintage library envelope and collage.

Back cover.

Where are the words?

There is something about holding a tiny book in your and and turning the pages that just makes my heart skip a beat. I have always wanted to create books but I was always hung up on what words I would include! I do not see myself as a writer although I love words! I finally freed myself up enough to not worry about words and simply create books of images.

Recently I created some accordion books for the first time. I have a lot of ephemera which I have collected through the years and finally I feel like I have a vehicle for using some of it! I incorporated my own imagery into the books as well; collage elements torn from previous images I have created, tiny scraps of left overs, and then I drew and painted onto the pages after they were collaged.

 I am really enjoying mixed media. Using so  many different media and techniques is very liberating. Following are some images of one of my books called "Love." This book is now available on my Etsy shop.

The cover is created from one of my paper tags and is collaged onto the cover with some ephemera. 

page 1 Collaged butterfly and ephemera and flower from my painting. Drawing.

Page 2 and 3 Collage, ephemera, paint and drawing. Bee and dragonfly were created from paper tags which I designed. 
Page 4 Collage, painting and pen drawing. Blackbird is a copy of an image I painted. 

Pages 5 and 6 Bird is another collage from a tag I created, ephemera, drawing. House is collaged from a copy of my painted design, drawing, and ephemera.

The back of the book has a gel print cover and a collaged flower and my signature. 

The back of the book is created by collaging ephemera and found paper and it can be written on like a journal if you like. The pages are edged with old fabric. 
This photo shows scale in comparison to a Penguin Classic book.