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Little journal, "Nature Speaking" Handmade journal based on gel prints.

This journal is small, it fits in the palm of your hand. It has been made by using my gel prints. They were collaged onto a watercolour paper substrate and then had other elements added, whether through collage, drawing, hand made stamps, or paint. It can be considered as a fully rendered journal or you can add to it yourself using text or image. I really like the idea of people interacting with my journals and using them as prompts.

There are 30 pages, (60 sides) in the journal. It measures 8.5 cm by 11.5 cm, or 3 1/4 in by  4 1/2 inch.

The front and back hardcovers have also been covered with gel prints. It has been stitched in 5 signatures by using Coptic stitch.

Here are some images of the inside.

As with all my images they are copyright Linda E Clarke Illustration.

Dragonflies and dreams Coptic Stitch Journal

Another new journal! It is called "Dragonflies and Dreams" and is completely original, made with my own images created by using many different techniques. I have included original paintings, collage, drawing, mark making and gel prints. It is designed for you to write on and draw or create on any of the pages including the coloured ones if you like.

The book which has been coptic stitched so it will sit flat when you are working in it.

It includes the following:

approx 25 sides of coloured pages, images, paintings, collages etc

approx 76 sides of paper you can write on , various sizes and weights. Some folded, squared, lined, and blank. Various colours, eg: white, tan. Most of it is vintage paper recycled from old books. Some is from an old railway ledger.

12 sides of heavy weight, blank print paper. Lovely to write on.
other things such as library cards, tags etc. Look at the pictures on my blog for more visuals.

There are  59 pages altogether. 

The book is approx 18.5 cm by 13.5 cm. Approx 4cm deep. 
5 1/2 in by 7 1/4 in by 1 1/2 in deep. 

Have a little look at some of the pages.
Cover, collage including drawing and stamping.

Left; old library info, vintage text underneath. Right; collage (including a dragonfly tag I created digitally), vintage paper and paint. 

Pocket with old library card and tag.

Vintage paper from railway ledger.

Left; collage including drawing. Right; image transfer and paint.

Left; painted background, stamped flower and gel print border. Right; stamping and gel print and image transfer of text. 

Dragonfly stamp on painted background, flower stamp.

Gel print on painted background.

Painting on both pages.

Left; gel print on painted background and collage on right. 

Tea bag paper with Thermofax print.

Tea bag paper with Thermofax print and a torn library card with gelprint and dragonfly stamp.

Collage and stamping

Collage and drawing

Left; gel print, right; abstract painting

Gel print on painted background

Left; gel print on painted background. Right; gel print on old text background.

Left; collage and drawing. Right; collage.

Left; vintage text collage.

Left; collage. Right; library pocket and card with collage.

Back cover with my signature and date.