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Visualisation, the way I see it.


"the act or process of interpreting in visual terms or of putting into visible form"

It was an interesting concept to take three words and think about them to see what images could be produced. At first the really obvious images associated with the words came to mind but after a while weird upside down things started to happen and exciting images began to develop. The images were produced in black and white.
The words gender, bell, grass produced this image. I had the idea of this wild free ladybug flying through the grass on a Canterbury Bell with her bonnet off, having a great time, while the other less uninhibited bugs look on shocked, a litle like village gossips talking behind their hands!

It is a message about being yourself!

The other image I produced was based on the words, transport, light and cloud. It started off really obvious;

but after idea generation was used to think of things in a different way  it developed into this image.

Visualisation is a great thing to do as part of the illustration process because it forces you to think deeper about image making. When you apply idea generation to the process it can create exciting possibilities. I will write more about idea generation and image making soon.

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