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Kitty Galore

When I started my narrative project at uni about a cat I owned no cats. Along the way a scrawny mother cat turned up so we started feeding her. A few weeks later she turned up one day with a kitten, then a few minutes later another kitten, then a THIRD kitten.
By this time I was about to have kittens myself!
Anyway, I now have 4 cats, all  boys and all shades of black like their mum. All have been to the vet for the necessary snips and the dynasty ends here!
They make me laugh every time I see them as they all have their funny little quirks.
Makes me think thank goodness I didn't do a narrative about a serial killer!!

Sad, exhausted, skinny Kitty when she arrived

                                            Kitty little muffin top!

The boys, then and now.
 Fom the top, Monty, Koko and Carlo

So honour of black cats everywhere...

Moon Cat