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Australian Wren

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Life imitates art, again!

Is there anything as sad as a birdless wing? I felt a little bit sick when I opened my front door to find a lorikeet wing on the mat! Wings are symbolic of freedom, of flying and soaring above the world and leaving your troubles behind. It seemed so sad that such a bright colourful, and no doubt noisy bird should end up in this way!

I have my suspicions about who did it too.....  
The wing theme continued as my daughter brought me a beautiful dead butterfly.  Hopefully it died a more natural death after a long and fruitful butterfly life. 


It is ironic that wings should feature so strongly in my week as I was painting owls and especially thinking about colourful wings. Sometimes this happens, you paint something and suddenly that thing is everywhere. It happened when I was painting my cat narrative also.
The little owl I was working on here has developed a personality. She is now a she...(a good start), and she is called Hephzibah, a Hebrew name which means "my delight is in her".

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