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Back to my Roots...2

Summer is coming to a close here in the Southern Hemisphere. Many people will be breathing
a huge sigh of relief as we have had floods, fire and extreme storms as well as the beautiful summer days with scalding heat. I have missed most of it however and spent December and January at my family home in County Fermanagh,  N. Ireland. It was a surreal experience to be catapulted back into winter from the 40 degree heat which we left.

At Crom Castle, Co Fermanagh

Lough Erne, Co.Fermanagh.

Enniskillen Castle.


Enniskillen, Co.Fermanagh


Lough Erne, Co.Fermanagh

I love winter. I love the skeleton trees which look like huge sculptures on the landscape. It was wonderful to be immersed in the colour palette of winter again; blues, smoky greys, gold, greens of every shade of course. I love the smell of the crisp fresh air, and the dark gloomy skies make me feel snug and cosy  and remind me of the long winters I spent as a child when we just hung out for the slightest whiff of spring. We would cast off winter clothes and walk around in the nippy air feeling free and unencumbered, no coats, no boots, no gloves or tights.

 I spent a wonderful day at the  Ulster American Folk park, my favourite place in the world! This is a park set up with original houses from the various time in the past from Northern Ireland and from America where so many Ulster people emigrated to. I have been trying to analyse why I love this place so much. It might be the peaceful atmosphere, no cars, no technology, no artificial noise, just the birds singing and the hens, roosters and ducks making their noises. The fireplaces have turf fires and smell amazing. The windows are like little works of art framing beautiful scenery. I think I photographed every window in every house in the park. It always takes me right back to my roots and reminds me of happy times when I used to stay with my granny in her little house with no electricity. The images below are from some of the houses there.

It was such a treat to see a beautiful Irish Red Deer at Castle Archdale. He was in an enclosure with another deer and he was so tame. He came right up to the fence and let us touch him, so beautiful. I have never been this close to a deer before. Well actually when I was about three I was playing in my sandpit and a deer came right up to me but nobody believed me....I can still see him  in my memory!

It is lovely to get back to your roots and immerse yourself in where you have come from. It is so good to see family and friends and renew old relationships with people who knew you since you were born! All good things come to an end though and it is now time to get back to image making. I feel refreshed, renewed and ready to go!

As we were leaving the snowdrops were just blooming. Spring is on the way.

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