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New Journal, "Tell the Birds and Bees"

A new journal is available! It is called "Tell the Birds and Bees" and is completely original and made with my own images created by using many different techniques. I have included original paintings, collage, drawing, mark making and gel prints.

The book which has been coptic stitched so it will sit flat when you are working in it. I used brown waxed Irish linen thread.

It includes the following:

approx 60 sides of paper, various sizes and weights. Some folded, some small,  squared, lined, and blank. Various colours, eg white, cream, pale blue. Most of it is vintage paper recycled from old books.

approx 43 sides of coloured pages, images, paintings, collages etc12 sides of heavy weight, blank print paper. Lovely to write on.

There are approx 58 pages sides altogether. 

The book is approx 18.5 cm by 13.5 cm. Approx 4cm deep. 
5 1/2 in by 7 1/4 in by 1 1/2 in deep. 

Have a little look at some of the illustrated pages.

Cover is a collage using a bee image I created digitally from ephemera. Also paint and paper. 

Left; old library card pocket and library borrowing info. Right, collage and drawing.  

Original tag stuck onto library card. Collaged ephemera. Right; laser printed card.  

Old railway ledger. 

Left; collage, right; little card.

Painting with collaged gel print.

Collaged gel print and drawing. Library card paperclipped onto page. 

Painted page with gel print added. 

Painting with gel print collaged onto it. 

Painting with collage elements of gel print and designer leaf. 

Gel print.

Painted background with stencilled bird, added gel print paper. Painted flower with gel print embellishment. 

Stamped moth, gel print paper collaged. Flowers drawn on. Right; stamped bird, gel print collage.

Gel print.

Painted background, thermofax print. Leaf image transfer.

Painted background, stamped flowers, faux writing, text image transfer.

Left; gel print on painted background, designer leaf applied to leaf. Right; image transfer bird, drawn leaves.

Gel print on painted and gel print background. Bees, tape transfer. Thermofax print on background. 

Gel print on painted background and stamped bird.

Gel print on painted background.

Painted flower. 

Dragonfly stamp, gel print on painted background.

Drawing and gel print on painted background.

Collage library card, gel print. 

Left,; gel print, right, painting with collaged gel print.


Gel print with collaged and stamped library card.

Collage, gel print on right. 

Gel print, stamping and drawing on back cover. 

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